We do good for the environment

Great importance was put to sustainability troughout the facility.

The entire building is heated by an environmentally friendly air heat pump.

Thanks to our large 128 KW solar system, our building is sufficiently supplied with electricity.

Leder-Fiedler stores its own electricity in large batteries, so regenerative electricity can also be used at night. All of the lighting is provided by energy-saving LED lights, which are controlled by motion detectors and light sensors.


Avoiding CO2 emissions Leder-Fiedler GmbH

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Stocking of our leathers

More than 60 articles in over 1.000 colours are on stock in our approx. 4.600m² modern storage space. Nearly all articles are stored on large bucks and can be send rolled to you, this is how we garantee the ideal utilization of every hide. The most hides can be ordered in half a hide.