BUTTER is typical for Leder-Fiedler premium products: extraordinary, particular and hard to make. BUTTER is a smooth, bulky, vacuum-dried leather, noted for its full, balanced hand. BUTTER is soft while remaining plane, has the look of saddle leather and is very delicately finished, leaving the leather’s natural character intact. BUTTER is a tactile delight that must be experienced!

Application: Clothing, Upholstery, leather goods
Colours: 13 colours on stock
Thickness: 1.4/1.6 mm
Custom colours: 250 m² per colour
Delivery: from our warehouse in Bodenwerder, Germany
Minimum order quantity: 1/2 hide
Area: approx. 5 m² per whole hide
Raw material: Central European raw bull hides
Tanning: environmentally friendly mineral tanning
Care products: Leather Cleaner Mild, Aniline Cream, Aniline Protector

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