SATINA is a particularly elegant fine-grain napa leather with a subtle sheen. SATINA is drum dyed, corrected and vacuum-pressed, making it very versatile. Although SATINA is a corrected leather, it has a very soft and elegant feel and its lasting beauty is pleasingly low-maintenance. SATINA is excellently suited for public interiors and office furniture.

Application: Furniture for the living area or in heavily frequented property area applicable. Furniture with great cut to size or leather goods.
Colours: 15 colours on stock
Thickness: 1.0/1.2 mm
Custom colours: 250 m² per colour
Delivery: from our warehouse in Bodenwerder, Germany
Minimum order quantity: 1/2 hide
Area: approx. 5 m² per whole hide
Raw material: Central European bull hides
Tanning: environmentally friendly mineral tanning
Care products: Leather Sealant, Mild Leather Cleaner, Leather Protector

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